Radio 1 Rap Show

July 23, 1999
BBC Radio 1 (97-99 FM)
London, England, UK

As you may remember, Big Tim got shot back in '99*. The full story behind it was never made public but general consensus seems to be that some gangster types wanted to do some business with him (promoting a show, running security or whatever) and didn't react well when he refused. As a result he couldn't present his show the following weekend so Funkmaster Flex steps up and covers for 3 hours, albeit with no talking just music. The voice you hear before the show starts is Pete Tong, who presumably had just explained what had happened in his very best Simon Bates voice. This is still the BBC after all and their DJs don't get shot every day.

Flex gets busy dropping Nas, Ruff Ryders, Mobb Deep, Redman, Missy, Biggie, Jay Z as well as throwing on 50's 'How To Rob' (which is still great) and some GZA, Beatnuts, High & Mighty, Flipmode Squad and Sir Menelik's dope '7XL' featuring Pubes and Derek. Oh, and Mobb Deep and Kool G Rap 'The Realest' which I've been bumping a lot recently.

*The Guardian article says Tim was 30 at the time of the shooting. Suffice to say, that's not entirely correct. He must've been at least 40 in '99.

- DJ Step One