The Awesome Two

July 27, 1986
WNWK (105.9 FM)
New York, NY, USA

The Awesome Two conduct an interview with a young Eric B. & Rakim on WHBI. Interesting references to this being the "real" Rakim and an apparent conflict with someone else going by that name.

Track List
  • Bring the Beat Back... Steady B
  • Bang Zoom (Let's Go-Go)... The Real Roxanne
  • Howie's Teed Off... The Real Roxanne
  • Just For Fun... Whistle
  • Airbreak - interview with Eric B. & Rakim (over My Melody (Dub)... Eric B. & Rakim)
  • Eric B. Is President... Eric B. & Rakim
  • Share My World... Boogie Boys
  • Breaks @ 27 min
  • Since You've Been Gone... Sheila Dionn (?)
    (tape stops? thinking this next section may not be from the show)
  • Bass Machine... T La Rock
  • Breaking Bells... T La Rock
  • Eric B. Is President... Eric B. & Rakim