July 4, 1993
WUSL (98.9 FM)
Philadelphia, PA, USA

A brief set from Colby Colb's "Radioactive" show on Power 99 (there are a few of cool drops by LL, Tupac, and Run-DMC worth checking).  Colby Colb's set features a random kiddie group (a la Kriss Kross and Da Youngsta's) named The Krronic out of Atlanta with a track called "Sometimes It Be's Like That." It's mentioned that this is on a holiday weekend and side A of this tape came from July 1, so this was likely the July 4th weekend of 1993.
  • DJs/Hosts: Colby Colb, Rob Black
  • Archive notes: It's mentioned that Erick Sermon's "Hittin' Switches" was new and that came out in early May, so it's possible this is Memorial Day weekend and not July 4th weeknd. However, based on the BBQ reference and the date of the first side of this same tape, I'm dating it at July 4th weekend (July 3, 4, or 5).
  • Credit: Laze (source)
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