The Street Intellect

WRFL (88.1 FM)
Lexington, KY, USA (University of Kentucky)

This is a cassette taped off of the FM radio station WRFL 88.1 in Lexington, KY. This is a student-run college radio station belonging to University of Kentucky (UK).

Based on the dates mentioned during the cassette, this recording was made sometime in 1997. WRFL's late night show (12AM to 3AM), run by Sami Ibrahim from 1993 to 1998 appears to be the earliest hip hop radio station in Lexington.

This cassette was lent to me by him to digitize. In this recording, he plays many late 90s rap songs while discussing things like the latest in the underground and putting callers on air. It also includes a freestyle.

- Hip-Hop Archive

  • DJs/Hosts: Sami Ibrahim
  • Archive notes: This is one recording made on a Sony CD-IT 74 minute type II cassette. There is no writing on the tape, but in the recording the DJ mentions that it is 1997. The 24-bit WAV file included has the leaders cut off, with only a slight pause to indicate to the listener that they are about to hear the B-side. The recording is ver gain and clips almost the whole tape, but is still listenable. The tape is a Type II chrome cassette, so that helps with bass reproduction and sound quality compared to if this had been off of a Type I.
  • Credit: Hip-Hop Archive (source)
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