Red Alert Show

February 1986
WRKS (98.7 FM)
New York, NY, USA

If you are new to this, and the rappers' names on this tracklist might just look like Cantonese, but to progress in this culture, you'll need to respect your elders that paved the way, open your ears, and learn a little. If you are from the time, enjoy the soundtrack of our youth. Hopefully jammin this tape will briefly take you back to an uncomplicated time in our musical history.

On this recording, Red is joined in the studio by Prince Messiah [RIP] who was answering the phones and taking dedications, and of course, the voice of choice, Fred "Buggsy" Buggs. Buggsy reads the weather updates and the dedications, and even spits a couple of casual bars over some instrumental sections; "Red cut the record down to the bone, I'm Buggsy, I'm here on the microphone."

If you have an affection for record labels like Fresh/NIA/Cutting/Urban Rock or Def Jam, or DJ tricks like the helicopter effect, you'll relish this selection from the mid-80s. When Red tears up this set with silky mixing alongside the rugged raw scratchin, the iconic pioneer reminds us why he is commonly referred to as "The Legendary Propmaster Kool DJ Red Alert."

Nostalgia is embedded in these recordings, and the crunchy opening is a hair-raising and heart-stirring introduction to a dope 2-hour set of classic Rap is a perfect example of why so many people enjoyed these shows so much BITD. After Red drops one of the finest examples of 80s Hip-Hop [Just-Ice, Put That Record Back On], it is followed by [the Undercover Lovers and] one of the most iconic radio stings in history. You may not know the name, but the sound of Select Records & UTFO producer Fred Munao dropping the quintessential squelchy voice "DJ Red Alert 98.7 Kiss Mastermix - Red Alert Goes Berserk" sounds as good as it did 35 years ago.

Red rips through concrete-crushing classics from Schoolly D, Tragedy, Mantronix, Craig G, Stet, High Fidelity Three and a lot more. You'll get to hear some old Dana Dane, some Wayne & Charlie, and he even drops the Falco novelty record Rock Me Amadeus at one point. Scratching each selection like his life depended on it! And watch out for those massive Spyder-D block rockin' beats on Pretty Ricky & Kool Boo-Ski. You'll hear Red droppin doubles of Rock the Bells as well. In 2021, that might sound like old news, but these recordings are amongst some of the earliest documentation of ANY DJ doin doubles of the Def Jam classic.

Track List
  • Just-Ice - Put that Record Back On
  • Undercover Lovers – Fake Fly Guys
  • Fred Munao ID
  • Super Kids – The Tragedy [Don't Do It]
  • LL Cool J - I Can Give You More
  • High Fidelity Three Featuring Sarah Dash – Satisfaction
  • Mantronix - Fresh Is The Word [Dub Version]
  • LL Cool J - Dear Yvette
  • Talk Break/ Weather - Fred Buggsy Buggs
  • Dana Dane - Nightmares
  • Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet
  • Wayne & Charlie – Party Right
  • Talk Break/ Dedications - Fred Buggsy Buggs
  • Glamour Girls Feat Craig G – Oh Veronica
  • DJ Red Alert - Kool DJ Red Alert King of the Mix 86 Sting
  • DJ Red Alert Goes Berserk ID
  • Roxanne Shanté Feat Biz – The Def Fresh Crew
  • Mantronix - Hardcore Hip-Hop  
  • Talk Break/ Dedications - Fred Buggsy Buggs & Prince Messiah taking calls
  • LL Cool J - Rock the Bells
  • Jimmy Spicer – Money [Dollar Bill Y'all]
  • Schoolly D - PSK
  • Kurtis Blow – AJ Is Cool
  • Pretty Ricky & Boo-Ski – It's Mine
  • Mic Break
  • Charlie Brown & The C.B. Girls – You Can Make It
  • Falco – Rock Me Amadeus [Ultimate Super-Dance-Remix]
  • Fresh Force Crew – Rock Me
  • DBL Crew – Bust It
  • King Rad / King Stevo ‎– Get Smart
- Irish Craig @ RandomRapRadio