Raw Deal

August 1991
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

This is a static-filled episode, sadly, but don't worry -- September 1st will bring "30,000 watts of stereo power!" Tone acts a fool on the second airbreak describing what Professor X's car lot ad would sound like. Courageous Chief drops in. If you've got a cleaner copy of this episode, get in touch.

This show's from either August 1st or 8th because of references to a show "this month" on "Saturday the 17th" (and August 15th is already accounted for).

Side A

  • Intro Airbreak into G's set
  • Rakim St. Ides ad
  • How I Could Just Kill a Man... Cypress Hill
  • Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonsense!... Leaders of the New School
  • Slam Bam... Courageous Chief
  • The Underground... J-Bam
  • Definition Of A King... Two Kings in a Cypher
  • Airbreak (lots of static)
  • Ice Cube St. Ides ad
  • Self-Styled Wisdom... Poor Righteous Teachers (cut)
  • One for All... Brand Nubian (cut)
  • Juvenile Delinquentz... Juvenile Delinquentz
  • Hip-Hop Junkies... Nice & Smooth
  • Jump, Spread Out... Jamal-Ski
  • UMC's drop
  • Blue Cheese... UMC's
  • Watch Me Now... Ultramagnetic MC's (side ends)

Side B

  • Airbreak/Ads
  • Fuck Compton (custom radio edit)... Tim Dog
  • Mind's Playing Tricks On Me (Instrumental)... Geto Boys
  • Trenton Where We Live... Almighty & K.D. Ranks (cut a bit)
  • Airbreak (Vanglorious Vans!)/Ads into Tone's set
  • Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'... MC Breed
  • Megamix
  • ?
  • Here I Come... Barrington Levy
  • Lyrics In A This (Instrumental)... Almighty & K.D. Ranks
  • Lyrics In A This... Almighty & K.D. Ranks
  • Undercover Lover... King Sun (cut)
  • Airbreak
  • Russian Roulette... Courageous Chief (end of side)