August 1984
London, England, UK

The excellent Paul Dodd and his hip-hop show broadcast on JFM, a London pirate radio station, in August 1984. After his stint on JFM, I never heard him broadcast on the radio again, unlike some of his peers. I assume he focused on club DJing. A shame in my opinion because he presented an informative show.

Side A
  • The Rebels - You Can Make It
  • Jazzy Jay - Son of Beat Street
  • Newcleus - Computer Age
  • MC Flex and the FBI Crew - Rockin It
  • Rusty P and the Sure Shot 3 - Breakdown New York Style
  • Tyrants in Therapy (feat. Knights of the Turntable) - Three People
  • Twilight 22 - Street Love

Side B
  • Twilight 22 - Street Love (cont'd)
  • Force MDs - Itchin for a Scratch
  • Breakout Krew - Matt's Mood
  • Fat Boys - Stick 'Em
  • Captain Rock - Capt. Rock to the Future Shock
  • Ultimate 3 MC's  - What are We Gonna do?
  • Hashim - Al Naayfish

- DJ Gezzy Gee