The Hip-Hop Show

April 1985
LWR (92.5 FM)
London, England, UK

This is gold school for any and all aging b-boys, and anyone that tuned into pirate radio in the UK during the 80s.

This tape is from April 1985. Love him or loathe him, just listen to the sound of Tim's voice and maybe you’ll get a better idea of where he started, how much he seemed to care, what he has done, and how much he has developed over the years.

This show was kindly donated by a gentleman commonly referred to as the nicest guy in UK Hip-Hop. Head photographer [and ex-colleague] for the longest running monthly periodical devoted entirely to Hip-Hop, all round Rap oracle Paul Hampartsoumian, AKA Paul H.

During the 80s, the pages of HHC were plastered with iconic images from Normski, but when the 90s came along, Paul’s work would’ve unquestionably caught your eye. Whether it was a recognizable front cover, the VISUALS of the London club scene or pretty much every Rap gig that took place in the capital during the decade, Paul got a shot of it and it appeared in Hip-Hop Connection [Big shouts to our old editor Andy Cowan]

Track List
  • Run DMC – You Talk Too Much
  • Run DMC – Sucker MCs
  • Mic Break
  • Sparky Dee Vs The Playgirls ‎– The Battle
  • Mic Break
  • Mighty Mouth ‎- All Wrapped Out
  • Mic Break
  • James Brown – I’m Satisfied
- Irish Craig @ RandomRap Radio (track list assist: Deejay Mek)