Droppin' Science

May 31, 1999
2SER (107.3 FM)
Sydney, AU

A May 1999 episode of Droppin' Science.

Track List
  • Chaos by Reflection Eternal
  • Narcotic by Apani B. Fly
  • Not.2.Far by D.Auguste Featuring Tajai & The Last Emperor
  • Any Man by Eminem
  • Triangular Warfare by Mr. Lif
  • Front Street by Swollen Members
  • Law Of Physics by Lootpack
  • S.H.I.D. by J-Zone Featuring Al-Shid
  • Brothers Aint Got It by El Da Sensei
  • Memories by Masterminds
  • A Childhood's End by DJ Serious Featuring D-Sisive + Unknown Misery
  • Heartbreakers by The Cold Crush Brothers
  • It's Yours by T La Rock & Jazzy Jay
  • Placin' The Beat by Spyder-D Featuring D.J. Divine
  • Breaking Bells (Take Me To The Mardi Gras) by Crash Crew
  • No Sense by D'Bora
  • Ultimate III Live! by Ultimate III
  • Busy Bee's Groove by Busy Bee
  • The Home Of Hip Hop by D.St
  • Jeckyll And Hyde Dance by Dr. Jeckyll And Mr. Hyde
  • Rap Machine by Whodini
  • Pump Me Up by Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five
  • He's My DJ (Red Alert) by Sparky Dee Featuring Red Alert
  • Jesse (Instrumental) by Grandmaster Melle Mel
  • Masters Of The Scratch by Master O.C. And Krazy Eddie Featuring Peso, Tito And Main Attraction
- Robert Sacchinelli