Funkin' Lessons

December 27, 1996
2FBI (96.1 FM)
Sydney, AU

The final episode of Funkin' Lessons for 1996.

Track List
  • My Tracks by Da Fat Cat Clique
  • Dayz Lik This by B.B.O.
  • Green Paper by Microphone Terrorist
  • I Want It All by L'a The Darkman
  • Latyrx by Lateef Featuring Lyrx Born
  • Extortion by Mobb Deep Featuring Johnny Blaze
  • Official by Big Shug Featuring Ed O.G. & Scientific
  • Get Funky (Remix) by The Beatnuts
  • Relax Y'Self by Mr. Live
  • Danger (Remix) by Blahzay Blahzay
  • Think Not by Al' Tariq ‎
  • Ad Break
  • Drama by Da Grass Roots Music
  • Microphone Enhancer by Most Desh Featuring LPSD
  • Double Trouble (Remix) by Mad Lion ‎Featuring Brenda K. Starr
  • Pieces Of A Journey by The Khromozomes Featuring Thuy-Thi
  • Mantequilla by Boom Smack
  • Iz On Some Other by Dereliks
  • All The Powers Are In The MInd by Falcon & Sleepy
  • Runnin' (Remix) by The Pharcyde
  • No Way Out by Raucous a/k/a Sabotage
  • Airbreak Instrumental
  • Unknown
  • Braggin' Writes by J-Live
  • Kick A Dope Verse by The Cenubites Featuring Bobbito
  • Kreep by Chino XL
  • Luvin' U4 Dayz by Ill Mentality ‎
  • I Killed A Hoe by Scott Lark
  • Don't Crush It by Kool Keith
  • Peepin' Round Corners by Unknown
  • Mr. Jiggliano by Positive K
  • Instrumentals Mix by Blaze
  • Star Of The Show by The Khromozomes Featuring Dynomite
  • Operation Lock Down by Heltah Skeltah ‎
  • S.O.S. by Bush Babees Featuring Mos Def
  • Hip Hop Mix by Dr Phibes
- Robert Sacchinelli