Non-Hip-Hop Show Features

January 1993
KISS (100.0 FM)
London, England, UK

Here's an hour of Steve Jervier's The Pressure on London's Kiss FM from January '93. The Pressure was primarily an R&B show (they did have a "Rap Attack" segment but it's not on this tape).

The interesting discovery on this tape was the original version of Groove Theory's "Tell Me" by UK act Rhythm & Bass, which it seems not too many people know about. Both acts were on Sony and it seems like the song was written by GT's Amel Larrieux. Obviously their version with the Edie Brickell sample featuring Brand Nubian is the superior of the two. Quite enjoying the Bryan Powell track on here which I vaguely remember from back in the day, and Wreckx N Effect sound slightly aggy on their tune, which makes me wonder if it's directed at Q-Tip given they got into a scuffle at some point.

Track List
  • Guy - Dog Me Out
  • Wreckx N Effect - Wreckx N Effect
  • Artz & Kraftz - All Of It
  • Kenny Dope - Ramajama
  • unknown - unknown
  • Rhythm & Bass - Tell Me (If You Want Me To)
  • Bryan Powell - It's Alright
  • Force One Network - Sista Sista
  • Jeff Redd - You Called And Told Me
  • Intro - Love Thang
  • Tisha - Love Me Down
  • Jodeci - My Phone
  • unknown - unknown
  • Bell Biv Devoe - Gangsta
  • >> Chris Phillips' show
  • Liberty - Who Is She
  • Mary J Blige - Reminisce (remix)
- DJ Step One