Shows labeled "unknown" have some information available, but not the name of the show. Please contact HHRA if you have any additional info (or even a guess). In some cases, the audio is from an untitled block of radio rather than a specific show.

15 Episodes in the Archive

1995Choice FM (96.9 FM)London, England, UK
1996Choice FM (96.9 FM)London, England, UK
April 23, 1985WNYE (91.5 FM)New York, NY
1990WNHU (88.7 FM)New Haven, CT (University of New Haven)
December 19902JJJ (105.7 FM)Sydney, AUFlavor Flav
November 30, 19902JJJ (105.7 FM)Sydney, AUFlavor Flav, Chuck D, Public Enemy
December 1995WQHT (97.1 FM)New York, NY
December 30, 1996KPWR (105.9 FM)Los Angeles, CA
1988RAW (104.95 FM)Bristol, England, UK
November 5, 1992 (97.2 FM)Bristol, England, UK3PM, DJ Lynx
1990 (92.0 FM)London, England, UK
September 10, 1999HOTT FM (95.3 FM)Mount Wilton, BB
November 27, 1998CKUT (90.3 FM)Montreal, Qu├ębec, CA (McGill University)Mizery, Metaphor At Random, Shades of Culture, LE, Wiser, OverProof, C4 San Pression, DJ Kane, Similak
August 1984JFMLondon, England, UK
1989WEBB (1360 AM)Baltimore, MD