The Eclipse Show

Starting in Colorado in 1978 as "an alternative black radio show," The Eclipse Show aired the earliest hip-hop records alongside funk and soul before eventually morphing into an all hip-hop show. The Eclipse Show is still on community radio KGNU, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018 making it one of the (and possibly the) longest continually running hip-hop radio shows in the world.

7 Episodes in the Archive

May 5, 1996KGNU (88.5 FM)Boulder, CO
October 10, 1999KGNU (88.5 FM)Boulder, CO
October 28, 1990KGNU (88.5 FM)Boulder, CO
December 31, 1995KGNU (88.5 FM)Boulder, CO
November 18, 1990KGNU (88.5 FM)Boulder, CO
December 1993KGNU (88.5 FM)Boulder, CO
October 12, 1997KGNU (88.5 FM)Boulder, CO