Sounds from the Attic

Sounds from the Attic aired on 540 AM WMWC at Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA from September 1994 until May 1995. It started as a free form show with two hosts, Laze and Matt Sutter, but eventually became primarily hip-hop and reggae with Laze taking over sole hosting duties in the second semester (with an occasional rotating selection of guest co-hosts). The show culminated in a giant freestyle session during the last episode of the Spring 1995 semester. That episode was later sampled for a hidden track on a Majik Most album.

The name "Sounds from the Attic" refers to the room at the very the top of Lee Hall, where that station broadcast from at the time.

WMWC was broadcasting over an ancient AM transmitter that barely worked. Wiring in dorms was rat-chewed and not many students on campus could tune in the station. It was common for DJs to open the windows in the attic and turn the monitor speakers out towards campus walk in order to have their show heard.

Laze went on to host a number of other shows on WMWC (The Jazz Corner, Level the Vibes, Trancelike State, and Return to the Attic), launch the first station web site, and become Station Manager in 1997-98.

4 Episodes in the Archive

April 9, 1995WMWC (540 AM)Fredericksburg, VA (Mary Washington College)
February 12, 1995WMWC (540 AM)Fredericksburg, VA (Mary Washington College)Sye
February 16, 1995WMWC (540 AM)Fredericksburg, VA (Mary Washington College)
March 19, 1995WMWC (540 AM)Fredericksburg, VA (Mary Washington College)Rob T