Rhythm and Vibes

Running for nearly 30 years since launching in 1990, Rhythm and Vibes is Atlanta's longest running hip-hop show and one of the longest running hip-hop shows in the world. It originally aired on Sunday nights from 10pm-2am on WRAS 88.5 FM at Georgia State University (it now airs from 10pm-midnight).

In 1997, WRAS won Gavin's Hip-Hop/Rap College/Community Station of the Year award, thanks in part to Rhythm and Vibes as well as The Bomb and The 10 O'Clock Drop.1

The show was launched and primarily hosted by Randall Moore, but at various times also featured Hank Ernest, Walt Phillips, Talib Shabazz, Shanik Mincie, Darryl “G-Wiz” Felker, Yamin Semali (aka AmDex of ClanDestined), Nikki Brown, and others.

1 "On Radio: Atlanta upstarts capture national awards," The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia), page B2, 19 Feb 1997.

1 Episode in the Archive

July 30, 1995WRAS (88.5 FM)Atlanta, GA (Georgia State University)